Adapting to change.

5 Jan

As life will have it, every thing has to change. The one constant thing in life is change it’s self.

That said…

I have had a few changes in My life and work especially during the transition from 2011 to 2012

I have been living and working with Fretex Redesign Sandnes for the past 9 months. However due to structural changes in Fretex I have had to move to the Oslo branch. I started work in Oslo on Monday and I must say it felt good to start off the new Year in a new working environment.

The holiday and merry-making season is over so it’s down to business.

Day one is actually a blur now. I clearly remember hoping that I would not get lost though. It was my first trip there by myself . I went over the online travel planner (trafikanten) like I was reading for an exam the previous day. It paid off since I got there at 8:00 am sharp as I had planned to.

First thing I noticed was how much bigger the Oslo Fretex is. No surprise there though since it’s the main Branch.  The sorting room where all the clothes given to Fretex  are inspected and sorted, The redesign work shop, the Canteen…… are all much bigger. My Office space is also bigger 🙂 (and has a view). I can now watch the sun set at 3:00pm; this, I can’t get used to.

Spectacular view.

Day two,  my boxes, with all the stuff I was using in Sandnes, were delivered and I had some  un-parking to do. Still doing that at the moment but am sure by the end of this week I will be settled in nicely. 

I have to go through the embarrassing phase of forgetting people’s names within a few seconds of meeting them but other than that, all ‘s well. Every one I have met so far is really helpful and nice. I am still in the process of settling into my office and getting to know my work-mates.

Today I got a little panic attack  when I realized how little the time left for the rest of my project  is. Working with experience people helps though. I attended A meeting today were the general work plan for the month was discussed and updated. Plans were made to have certain goals achieved within a given period and ‘pending feedback’ on these goals progress will also have to be discussed

Lesson learnt: A work plan has to be made and frequently updated and communicated to whom it may concern, especially in a big company  if things are to Run as planned. NOTE, room has to be made for change.

For now, I am content with my work and the informal norsk lessons I get over lunch.


2 Responses to “Adapting to change.”

  1. maritah2 January 12, 2012 at 1:16 pm #

    Ooohh, that’s a fabulous view you’ve got there.

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