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Breaking the silence

22 Sep



I have been Quite for far too long.

B.Daisy is back on the grid y’all.

The past few years have been filled with loads and loads of challenges. I hope that by sharing them someone out there will; be inspired, encouraged or even  entertained.


B.Daisy has grown and is still growing from strength. Running a fashion business comes with a lot of challenges. I have felt like giving up so many times but I somehow manage to keep going. I guess that the passion I have for fashion conquers all in the end.

Any hooo…..In true designer style, I choose to break the silence by sharing some of my past work. The day that I did the photo shoot for these garments was one of my best days.


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Breaking the silence.

22 Sep

Its been far too long. I have not written anything for years now. A lot of things happen and we sometimes lose focus of what we are passionate about. I guess that’s what happened to me. But I’m back though….ready and eager to share my passion.