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Ultimate Norwegian experience 3

10 Feb

Cross country skiing. Langrenn ski

My Norwegian Friend Siw took Valeria and I on yet another Typical Norwegian experience; Langrenn ski. I did not want to take chances with the cold so I had on 3 layers of ull/wool underwear and properly insulated ski trousers and jacket. We also all had Lunch packs that had to include a thermos flask with something hot(a must have for Norwegians). With all in place we made our way to a place called Songsvann and the skiing begun….

This was one of the most unique experiences I have had so far. I must point out though that I do not remember falling on my back side that much…ever! I thought I had great body-balance until I had my first fall like five seconds after putting on the skiis…..yup….it didn’t take me long.

I have to thank Siw though, she helped me a lot.  She was Like my ski Mama 🙂 . I managed to enjoy gliding down many slops only because I was clutching onto her arm.

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Harryhandling- Utiltimate Norwegian Experience 2

2 Jan

Harryhandling: When Norwegians Travel to Sweden on shopping expeditions.

Items purchased: Anything you can stuff in your car.(every thing costs less in Sweden)

SO… Siw our Norwegian friend ‘Stuffed her car’….as she put it, with friends from Tyskland, Greece, Uganda(me) and Guatemala. She was very determined to give us the harryhandling experience.


I must say it was a good experience.

A stroll through time.

1 Aug
The old town in Stavanger

It is certainly very refreshing to walk through the old town in Stavanger.

Untarnished by modern structures it takes you back in time.

Like a clip from an old movie

You become one with Norwegian culture and can almost imagine what it must have been like to live all those years back.

Can’t wait to see the winter wonderland I am sure it will be.

A visit to the old canning museum(above) was very educative.

The sculptures were interesting to look at too, They reminded me of childhood fairy tales. this part was really fun!

"You are too kind Sir" Vale said as the old man helped her onto the pony

This was a Kodak moment in my opinion (lol) You can almost make up a whole conversation for the picture. Mine goes like this:

“No. no no… No Pictures allowed here lady!” the man sternly warned.

“But why?” Puli asked with that irresistible puppy look ” I want a memory with the beautiful pony, I have always wanted to ride a pony, why can’t you just let me….”

“….all right, all right, but just one and then you should move along young lady, Many tourists to be seen by.” the old man interrupted.

“Thanks kind sir!” Puli said with glee.

Sure was a fun day in Stavanger!