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Putting old books to good use II

29 Feb

More ‘hard-back book’ tile color combinations.

As I said before… I love the shades of brown :). Here it has been mixed up with blue. The motif on the tiles brings the nature into the room where these are used.

Shades of brown

This is a more masculine color combination.

Shades of green.


Putting Old books to good use.

26 Feb

A combination of elements put together to create a 'green wall'

This is a very creative way of using old hard-back covered books. This wall was decorated by the redesign department of Fretex in Oslo. It was done in the Fretex Unika shop on Markveien 51.

interesting color coding.

I wrote about Putting a twist on wall paper last year and showed some pictures of multicolored color-coded wall here. I personally prefer this though and can visualize more monochromatic combinations to go with different types of interior color schemes. For example a selection of various shades of brown tiles against a coffee brown wall!

reminders of the past

some futuristic elements.

I really love this wall because it not only looks good, it also tells a story . It is a green wall. Very environment friendly.

hard-back book wall tile installation inside the Fretex Unika shop in Oslo.

Fretex Unika

So if you happen to be in Oslo, check this out.

If I were you I would order me some book cover tiles from Fretex for your House/home/cafe/shop.

Get with the program people green design is the trend!!!


More Buttons!!

23 Jan

I was excited when I found this being made as a window curtain or drape(don’t know what name suites it best) at the Fretex redesign work-shop in Drammen.

So cool I have to say! Buttons have no end when it comes to design ideas.

Little treasurer, are they not? especially when put together.

Think twice before ever throwing away a single button people.

Inspired on vacation!

12 Dec

I have been on a short vacation for a while which explains my absence from word press, but am back now!

While I was away though, I manged to hunt down (with loads of help from my brother and his GPS) one of my biggest inspiration so far and made it to their shop in London, Yey me :)) !!

Location: Junky styling, 12 Dray Walk, The Old Truman Brewery 91 Brick Lane London E1 6RF

Inside the Junky Styling shop

 I got into the shop and immediately felt at awe… lots of creativity with re-styling garments.

My brother who I dragged  along as my London-guide even managed to find a  cool re-styled coat for men that he liked, which says a lot seeing as he has no interest in fashion or if he does, its nothing in comparison to my me. 

The best part though was the fact that if one has no prior information about how these clothing’s are Crafted one would think they are brand new.

Wardrobe surgery is what  Annika Sanders and Kerry Seager, the founders of junky styling, do.

Truly inspiring.

I didn’t get to meet them but you never know.. it’s a small world. What I did though was buy a copy of their book which I think  is a must-have for any one interested in green fashion.

Be inspired

Green designers 2

6 Nov

BIR redesign competition

These are some of the other very  innovative products that were entered into the Design Region Bergen competition.  On the 26th  Oct I wrote a little about Elisa Kolle who also took part in this completion. To find out which designer won, follow this link

Putting old fabrics to good use

26 Oct

How does a 34 years old who has a husband, two children and lives in a small house in the forest edge with two cats and ten hens in the garden  do this.

See for yourself and pick a leaf or two 🙂


Elisa Kolle


How did I discover this beautiful work you may ask.

Well I recently entered a redesign competition and Elisa Kolle happens to be one of the top three that will probably win a 50,000NOK prize. Waiting to see if she will win. I was not part of the selected three  which is completely cool because the top three( and the other competitors) had products designs that are more prize-worthy than mine.

You can definitely try this at home

14 Oct

Book furniture

14 Sep

If you have many books that you just want to get rid of, here is a way to do it that is Eco-friendly.

Richard Hutten - layers

Book Desk

Bags by Leslie Oschmann

6 Sep

Leslie Oschmann  redesigns Old paintings  into wonderful bags that have stories written all over them. She also combines a typical African fabric called dutch wax print manufactured by a company called Vlisco with used dutch mail bag  to make rack-sacks.

Leslie Oschmann oil Paint bags

Bags by Leslie Oschmann

Each bag has a story to tell.

A used Dutch mail bag combined with a Dutch-wax Print fabric.

She up-cycles furniture with oil paintings too.

Read more about here work here

Her use of a typical African fabric got me interested in seeing how other designers have it fabric and I discovered that Vlisco, the company that makes the fabric Lesie uses,  also  has a line of gorgeous bags.

Bags by Vlisco

After discovering Vlisco my interest for them grew more and more, Maybe its in my African blood :). Apparently their fabrics appeal to mainly the African market. It is lately catching on like wild-fire on the internationally fashion-wise but that’s a story for another day. Till then, enjoy!

Putting a twist on wall paper

22 Aug

“How do people come up with such ideas!…. using old hard book covers as wall paper?”, I remember wondering to myself. . The idea might not settle too well with many, it is ‘different’ but if you think outside the box, the possibilities are limitless. Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way. (Edward de Bono) .  This idea was developed as a collaboration of the redesign team at Fretex West Norway. Thumbs up! I can imagine using it in many places.  My imagination has been helped by the way the blocks have been used in different places at the Fretex West Norway offices as seen in the pictures below:

The redesign studio lounge.

Gym at the Fetex West Norway Offices

Another way 'hard book cover' blocks have been used

Cool gym 'wall redesign' by redesign team.

Inspiration for a great work-out!

And below, Magny Tjelta put up a display of the redesign wall paper in a furniture shop show room in Stavanger

Wall (behind Orange furniture) Decorated with hard book cover blocks.

I have to admit that  at first, the idea didn’t sit too well with me. Now, I love it. Guess it has grown on me :).

Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun. (Mary Lou Cook)