31 Dec

I have been working on ‘Project red’ for a long time (10 months), glad to finally be done with it and with good results.

The design is inspired by the 1950s fashion.  I love this fashion-era because dresses flattered the female figure. The style suites almost all types  of female shapes and figures.

The shape of the dress makes any one look like they have a really tiny waist.

"Project red"

Lady in Red. A good dress for a good friend.


Inspired on vacation!

12 Dec

I have been on a short vacation for a while which explains my absence from word press, but am back now!

While I was away though, I manged to hunt down (with loads of help from my brother and his GPS) one of my biggest inspiration so far and made it to their shop in London, Yey me :)) !!

Location: Junky styling, 12 Dray Walk, The Old Truman Brewery 91 Brick Lane London E1 6RF

Inside the Junky Styling shop

 I got into the shop and immediately felt at awe… lots of creativity with re-styling garments.

My brother who I dragged  along as my London-guide even managed to find a  cool re-styled coat for men that he liked, which says a lot seeing as he has no interest in fashion or if he does, its nothing in comparison to my me. 

The best part though was the fact that if one has no prior information about how these clothing’s are Crafted one would think they are brand new.

Wardrobe surgery is what  Annika Sanders and Kerry Seager, the founders of junky styling, do.

Truly inspiring.

I didn’t get to meet them but you never know.. it’s a small world. What I did though was buy a copy of their book which I think  is a must-have for any one interested in green fashion.

Be inspired

Green designers 2

6 Nov

BIR redesign competition

These are some of the other very  innovative products that were entered into the Design Region Bergen competition.  On the 26th  Oct I wrote a little about Elisa Kolle who also took part in this completion. To find out which designer won, follow this link

Green Designers part 1

2 Nov

I had the pleasure of attending a sustainability and Redesign seminar 2 weeks back . I did a presentation on my work experience with Design without Boarders and Fretex Redesign  in relation to sustainable design and recycling. Nerve wrecking I must say it was(could hear my own voice shake). I managed to go through with it however and even got feedback that it was a good presentation a few days after 🙂

I deliver my speech

Preaching sustainability

I guess the more one does something, the better they get at it .Hopefully one day the temperature won’t suddenly go up and my hands will not shake while I give a public speech….Forgot to mention that happened too.

Any way, apart from all the battles that were going on with-in, I managed to learn a lesson or 2 from the various presentations made, despite the fact that all but one were in Norwegian.

Speech on Innovative and Eco-friendly materials

Alexander Bau co-founder Ralston & Bau

Alexander Bau. Now his speech I enjoyed the most. This has nothing to do with the fact that the company he co-owns has done work for Fretex redesign where I work (or that he has the same name as my dad :)). It’s just that his was the only English speech. So sadly, I missed major lessons that I am sure I should have picked from the other presenters. Any way, One of the things he said was any one who calls him/herself a designer should  know what C2C/ cradle to cradle means….. plus they should buy the book.(Ordered myself a copy and am eagerly waiting).Find out about C2C here

His company has this cool resource library of  innovative and Eco friendly materials that producers and designers can access.

We were also treated to a delicious launch which I should have enjoyed but my presentation was after launch so……

The Ugandan in me went straight for the hot meals. T'was tasty food!

The last presentation was a thing for ears! This violinist did things to the sound from a violin that I didn’t think possible and that classical musicians would frown upon but I personally don’ t care… his innovation, for that’s what it is, is soooo coool… (for lack of better words to use) . He had this machine that he connected to his violin that changed the typical violin sound to for example, the sound of crashing ocean waves,  or a bird singing. He then mixed it all up(song bird, crashing waves and violin) to make a combination of sounds that I can only describe as serenity. Maybe people who know a thing or 2 about music and sound mixing would see nothing of this but I, was blown away!

Jazz violinist and a lecturer in innovation, Stig Roar Wigestrand

unconventional and beautiful demonstration of what innovation can do with the sound of a violin.

Will defiantly be writing more about this day….

Food for thought

30 Oct

Tiffany Amber

28 Oct

This is an example of why my love for  modern Afro-fashion will  always go on


Putting old fabrics to good use

26 Oct

How does a 34 years old who has a husband, two children and lives in a small house in the forest edge with two cats and ten hens in the garden  do this.

See for yourself and pick a leaf or two 🙂


Elisa Kolle


How did I discover this beautiful work you may ask.

Well I recently entered a redesign competition and Elisa Kolle happens to be one of the top three that will probably win a 50,000NOK prize. Waiting to see if she will win. I was not part of the selected three  which is completely cool because the top three( and the other competitors) had products designs that are more prize-worthy than mine.

You can definitely try this at home

14 Oct

World challenge

12 Oct

A one of a kind competition was going on without my knowledge!!! Check this out

I  now have the pleasure of knowing about it. I discovered it through a friend, Marianna B, one of my fellow ‘green designers’ and was beyond inspired by what the competition is all about. Talk about global justice green style, OH ya!!! Something I thought was impossible is coming to life and catching on like wild-fire.

Check it out people and VOTE VOTE VOTE…

Energy saving stove from Uganda

Beautiful polythene baskets

Reblog: the art of re use revisted

6 Oct

This hits straight home, the art of reuse is what Fretex thrift shops are all about.The highlight for me is the Eco friendliness of it all.

Asikere Afana

I’m revisiting the art of re use (already I know I just posted on them below). But I just found a documentary they made about their store in addition to some cute things cool things they’re doing with kids and had to share. Plus there are girls in the crew who need to be highlighted too!!! Plus (revisited) these are Toronto cats so real proud of the city.

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