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Putting Old books to good use.

26 Feb

A combination of elements put together to create a 'green wall'

This is a very creative way of using old hard-back covered books. This wall was decorated by the redesign department of Fretex in Oslo. It was done in the Fretex Unika shop on Markveien 51.

interesting color coding.

I wrote about Putting a twist on wall paper last year and showed some pictures of multicolored color-coded wall here. I personally prefer this though and can visualize more monochromatic combinations to go with different types of interior color schemes. For example a selection of various shades of brown tiles against a coffee brown wall!

reminders of the past

some futuristic elements.

I really love this wall because it not only looks good, it also tells a story . It is a green wall. Very environment friendly.

hard-back book wall tile installation inside the Fretex Unika shop in Oslo.

Fretex Unika

So if you happen to be in Oslo, check this out.

If I were you I would order me some book cover tiles from Fretex for your House/home/cafe/shop.

Get with the program people green design is the trend!!!



Book furniture

14 Sep

If you have many books that you just want to get rid of, here is a way to do it that is Eco-friendly.

Richard Hutten - layers

Book Desk

Don’t throw that book, Play with it!

11 Aug

Artist Yvette Hawkins folds a book

There are very many ways to reuse old books and seeing as we are in the .com era, paper book reading is dieing out slowly but surely and is being replaced by computers and things like the Amazon kindle http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004HFS6Z0/ref=kindlesu-1 . This is a good thing since reduction in new paper production means less trees cut down. However, something needs to be done with old books that sadly no one is interested in any more. Burning is a no-no by the way!

Well, thanks to creative minds, there are numerous ways to recycle old books.  I discovered this cool blog by Jason Thompson the author of a really interesting book  titled “Playing withe books” that reveals numerous ideas on how to recycle old books. Some ideas are mind-boggling and I can’t start to imagine how they were thought up (the don’t do this at home type 😉 ) but some are really easy and leave you wondering why you didn’t think of them yourself.  An example is this wonderful work of art(below) done by the Prague Anagram Bookshop. The Prague Anagram Bookshop uses amazing book art pieces for their advertising.

Cop and Robber

Any way, don’t want to be a spoiler so …. Read more here 

Amazing book redesign 


I am not sure who did the work above but it caught my attention.

F.Y.I.  Fretex does A LOT were paper recycle is concerned, Keep reading to learn more…