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Putting old books to good use II

29 Feb

More ‘hard-back book’ tile color combinations.

As I said before… I love the shades of brown :). Here it has been mixed up with blue. The motif on the tiles brings the nature into the room where these are used.

Shades of brown

This is a more masculine color combination.

Shades of green.


Putting Old books to good use.

26 Feb

A combination of elements put together to create a 'green wall'

This is a very creative way of using old hard-back covered books. This wall was decorated by the redesign department of Fretex in Oslo. It was done in the Fretex Unika shop on Markveien 51.

interesting color coding.

I wrote about Putting a twist on wall paper last year and showed some pictures of multicolored color-coded wall here. I personally prefer this though and can visualize more monochromatic combinations to go with different types of interior color schemes. For example a selection of various shades of brown tiles against a coffee brown wall!

reminders of the past

some futuristic elements.

I really love this wall because it not only looks good, it also tells a story . It is a green wall. Very environment friendly.

hard-back book wall tile installation inside the Fretex Unika shop in Oslo.

Fretex Unika

So if you happen to be in Oslo, check this out.

If I were you I would order me some book cover tiles from Fretex for your House/home/cafe/shop.

Get with the program people green design is the trend!!!


Book furniture

14 Sep

If you have many books that you just want to get rid of, here is a way to do it that is Eco-friendly.

Richard Hutten - layers

Book Desk

Thumbs up!

11 Sep

It is mind-boggling to discover how many tones of paper are collected on the daily at the Fretex paper recycle plant in Stavanger. 50 tones in a day, WOW! This, I found out on my visit to the plant  with Magny Tjelter  Friday 12 2011.

I got the opportunity to see what it takes to sort the paper that is put into recycle.  The tour of the plant was very interesting and educative.

First as seen below, the trucks that collect paper  from the Rogland area  are unloaded.

Another truck then shovels the paper onto  a belt which takes the paper into the first sorting cabin.

The first thing that is done is to remove any waste that does not qualify as paper, things like plastic bags, candy wrappers or plastic . Different paper grades then have to be separated and cardboard gets sorted first. It is put into a machine that compresses and ties it into bales that makes it easy for  a forklift truck to move it around. Brown cardboard actually has a huge market and is sold to paper mills which recycle it.  Milk cartons are also put into a separate pile which is  compressed and exported to Germany.

Paper is manually sorted along this belt.

Safe demolition of documents.

The picture above shows shredded “important” documents. Fretex offers this service too. For example, a bank would pay Fretex to safely shred documents for which no further use is needed.  This department has fewer people working there and they are sworn to secrecy. No visitors are even allowed in this department. Some workers at the plant don’t even set foot there so obviously I didn’t take a picture. I could only take one of the shredded bits. It would take the worlds greatest genius to puzzle these shreds into even quota of a document.

After the shredding, the bits are also pressed into bells as show in the picture below


 The paper is compressed into bales to make it easier for the fork-lift truck to move them around. It also makes storage and transportation more practical. the fork lifts load the bales onto the trucks which transports the paper to different companies or ports for exporting. China buys a lot of mixed(unsorted) paper waste which they recycle into numerous products.

 Fretex also does glass and tin collecting .

I also discovered that fretex had a hand in creating the The items below. They are made out of recycled paper

Cup holder

Medical tray sometimes used by dentists.


9 Aug

Flower girl by Linda Filley made from recycled paper

Walk by the shop window of Paper Trail in Rhinebeck, NY, and you might be tempted to stop, stare, and linger, especially if one of Linda Filley’s delightful three-dimensional paper frocks is in residence. Read more

Paper couture.

18 Jul

This image cant get out of my mind and that is with good reason. I have seen many  dresses that are made from recycled paper but every time I think of couture in relation to paper recycle, this image flashes in my mind. So, I hope every time the word paper recycle is mentioned this image flashes in your mind 🙂

For her creative processes class Jolios Paons designed this paper dress from only phone book paper

If that got your attention you have just got to see   what designers can do with bathroom tissue (not used!). Any way, follow this link to see what I mean. The cashmere collections may not be aimed at  recycle but the promotion was for a good cause. http://www.cashmere.ca/wcc/english/2009.php?Designer=1
An Anastasia Lomonova Design