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Harryhandling- Utiltimate Norwegian Experience 2

2 Jan

Harryhandling: When Norwegians Travel to Sweden on shopping expeditions.

Items purchased: Anything you can stuff in your car.(every thing costs less in Sweden)

SO… Siw our Norwegian friend ‘Stuffed her car’….as she put it, with friends from Tyskland, Greece, Uganda(me) and Guatemala. She was very determined to give us the harryhandling experience.


I must say it was a good experience.


The ultimate Norwegian experience !!!

12 Jul

Preikestolen/ The Pulpit rock

I finally made it to the famous Preikestolen/ Pulpit rock! I had no clue about this Mountain formation until I came to Norway.  Many people I met then started to recommend it as one of the sights one must see when in Norway. The pictures I saw of the place(below) on the internet were so cool that I made a promise to myself to visit.

Preikestolen from above

The opportunity presented its self sooner than I had expected when my Guatemalan friend told me she was coming to Stavanger and planned to go there with her Norwegian  friend, Ingvild. I was so happy I had really been looking forward to going there but it wouldn’t have been the same without  friends. The more, the merrier. So, last weekend (09/07/2011), Ingvild, Vale And I set off for our climb. The weather was not the best because it was raining but that was not going to stop us.

Ingvild(Left) and Valeria(right) On the ferry, first part of the journey.

We set off from Stavanger by ferry to a place called Tau. We took a bus from there to the Preikestolen lodge were the track starts. It is so funny but after just 10 minutes at the beginning of the climb, I was panting for breath ( I am clearly very unfit!) and to make this worse it started to rain. I remember seriously contemplating going back but I pushed on, plus I did not want to look bad because Valeria had been warning me to train/workout for this trip and I had not :).

1.5km up, a quarter of the journey

Looking back, I am very sure that the Man in the background was  thinking ,”Ha haaa…. If only they knew what climb they have ahead they would stop smiling, taking pictures and get on with it.”…. Ok, maybe he did not think that, but I remember feeling sorry for people who were going up on our way back down the mountain.

Smile even when you're hurting..

At this point(in the picture above) my only consolation was that we were more than half way the climb, we were in the middle of the steepest and most rocky part of the climb and the smile  was a bit forced. I felt like there were invisible 30kg weights tied to my legs. So, we finally got to the top of the steepest part and made the mistake of asking someone on their way down how much further we had to go only to be told that we had more than half of the journey ahead. It was hard to smile after that but the spectacular views from there on did it for me. It was very rewarding because even before actually getting to the pulpit rock,  the nature was like I had not seen before (honest).

We finally made it, half way  the climb, to the little lake were people go swimming when its sunny and were shocked to find three (if I remember correctly) Norwegian teenagers selling waffles and coffee! in the rain!

Despite the rain we moved on with the encouraging knowledge that we were half way. We came to this point(picture below) were we, sadly, read a memorial to a Young man who fell to his death there so it is actually dangerous and a lot of care should be taken while doing the climb. Its crazy but am shocked that Valeria was able to stand so casually at the edge of the wooden rail. I think you get too worked up when going up that you even forget to get  scared.

spectacular view

We finally Made it to the spot, the famous Preikestolen. As our lack would have it though, the rain got heavier and it got really windy. I had to brace myself to get a good snap shot.

We made it to the top!

Flirting with nature

I had my few minutes on the Pulpit rock and got overwhelmed by the hight. Though the rock is really big, it was as though I was just hanging in mid-air and seeing that  it was really windy, felt like I would be blown off the rock. Vale and Ingvild had their fill of fun though close to the edge. Just to paint the picture, the pulpit protrudes  30m from the side of the mountain and its cliff is 600m deep 😮 .I sure wasn’t staying any were near that for long.

After we had our fill of the view, we started our journey down. It is easy to think that the journey up is the hard part but many will agree with me that going down is the harder part. Our legs were shaky/ wobbly and while I had felt like  mine had extra weight on the way up, I felt like the joints at the knees had turned to jelly and could not support me on the way down. The sky decided to bless us with a heavier down pour just about 5minuts to the end of the track. I was too tired and wet to even care so I took my time and didn’t run for shelter like Ingvild and Valeria did(still not sure where they got the strength to run those last few meters).

The rain got to Vale's phone, Ofta!

Extremely tired but happy

The walk back home  after the bus and the ferry to Stavanger was really painful but all in all (with all the complaining) It was worth it and I am glad that I had two friends to share the experience with. Its one of those very hard to do experiences which you can keep doing because you forget the hard part with the rewarding view and beautiful nature. (ALMOST, and I stress the ‘almost’, like giving birth 🙂 )